Temperature physiology living in a varying environment

Temperature ranges from -273.15C (−459.67F) at the absolute zero to several million degrees in the stars. For us living at the surface of earth the temperature range is much more narrow from around -90C to +55C. Temperature affects almost all life processes and influence life processes in all organisms. Among vetrebrates only birds and mammals can regulate their internal body temperature. The rest of the vertebrates around us, including fish, have a body temperature that follows the environmental temperature and they can only change their temperature behaviorally
(for example when a lizard basks in the sun). In this module we will look at how fish is affected by water temperature Below you can see a short video of a fish called Trematomus bernachii that live around the Antarctic continent. The fish species living around Antarctica have the absolutely lowest body temperature of all fish species: -1.86C
The assignment
  • What is the relationship between environmental temperature and the fish body temperature?
  • How does temperature affect oxygen consumption in fish?
  • What is aerobic scope and how is it affected by temperature?


Let's investigate these questions in the lesson that follows >>