Activity overview

1: Disappearing salmon
Introduction to the problem of the Fraser river disappearing salmon and an overview of the problem area. Students are encouraged to discuss different hypothesis that might be the cause of the problem with the diminishing salmon population.

2: Fraser river salmon
Description of the Fraser River and the salmon species that go up the river to spawn.

3: Migration investigation

4: Gases in water
This laboratory work focus on gas solubility in water, which is important to understand in relation to the fish respiration system.

5: Respiration
This part will give a short overview of the respiratory system in fish. In the lab exercise in this module you will be able to test how flow affects the exchanges of gases and get a better understanding for the problem of breathing water

6: Circulation
This module will give a short overview of the cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels) system in fish with some comparision to our cardiovascular system. The survival of the fish (or any animal) depends on a well functional integration between the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

7: Exercise
For a fish swimming is exercise and in this module a short overview of what happens when a fish starts to swim and what the limitations are

8: Temperature
Temperature is an important factor, especially for ectothermic animals that do not regulate their body temperature. How they are affacetd by changes in temperature will be briefly described in this module

9: Solving the mystery

10: What you can do



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