About ESI

- How to work with ESI

The ESI-site may be used in various ways. Students may work in small groups, pairs or individually while exploring the material. The experiments and simulations can also be used by the teacher for class demonstrations.
Depending on teaching and learning methods used, it takes in between 30-60 minutes to work through each activity. All activities start with an introduction to the content where students are asked to investigate and explore some specific issues guided by both general and specific questions. For those who would like to deepen their knowledge in the subject, we recommend progressive work through the entire site, starting with activity one and finishing with the last.
In some activities there is an emphasis on text-based information and in some activities there is an emphasis on animations, simulations and experiments. A number of video clips within the site provide the learner with authentic film material on various subjects.
The material was developed for use in high-school/gymnasium classes. Still, a lot of it might surely be of great interest for students at other school levels! In "how to use ESI" (on the menu to the left) there are teacher guides and an outline with the objective and the content of each activity.

- Pedagogic idea